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Our Story

petfriendly candles, vegan, sustainable

Hello! I am Lariza, and this is my labrador, Lappy. Our story began when I noticed that Lappy would have an allergic reaction whenever I lit a candle. This sparked (pun intended) an interest to learn more about candles and what they are made of.

It turns out that majority of the candles in the market consist of harmful materials such as petroleum, preservatives, phthalates, and other cancerogenic substances. When you light one of these candles at home you are not only inhaling all of these harmful chemicals but you are also exposing your pets to strong artificial scents that can damage their olfactory receptors. 

I started buying pet-friendly and "clean candles" however, they were far from pretty. They didn't have any scent and weren't appealing to the eye. After some time, I decided that I could try to make my own candles. 

And so here we are today! We spend a lot of time and effort understanding what scents tend to irritate pets, what waxes are more sustainable, and creating a design that it's simple yet chic for any home. All of our ingredients are vegan, toxic-free, and sourced in the EU.  From the start, it was important that our candles remain at an accessible price without compromising the quality. It was equally important that we limit the amount of waste by choosing recycled packaging material. Our containers can be used as storage around your home or it can be easily recycled. 

We enjoy making each and every candle by hand and are honor when you decided to introduce them to your family home.