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Candle Lab Values



Since the start, we have limited the amount of waste production by only using recycled packaging materials. Our glass containers can be reused once you are done with your candle. The fragrances we choose have been sourced ethically and sustainably.

We use single-origin soybeans for our soy wax. It is 100% vegan and free of any petroleum-derived products. Many waxes have chemicals to add color, to make it burn slower/rapid, or even alter the consistency. It took us a while to find a reliable source for wax that didn't use any chemicals, paid their workers a fair wage, and took care of their farms by abstaining from the use of chemical pesticides.



Remember when you used to make handcrafts at school? How much fun you had? We want to keep that feeling going through adulthood. Every candle is wicked, poured, and labeled by a human! We hope this inspires you to create your own crafts :) 

Giving back


We create high-quality candles at an accessible price point because we think it's important that our product remains accessible to everyone. 

Additionally, we want them to be accessible to different lifestyles. All of the ingredients, from our choice of 100% soy wax to the fragrances we use, have been certified cruelty-free and vegan.

Besides, our toxin-free fragrances, we also only use scents that are known not to irritate cats and dogs. Felines' sense of smell is roughly 10-20 times keener than humans, while a dog's nose is tens of thousands of times more sensitive. When you light up a scented candle you might enjoy a strong fragrance but we assure you that your pets do not. These strong scents may, in the long term, damage your pets' olfactory sense. 

We firmly believe in being advocated for pets. And we want you to join us by making sure that the products you introduce to your home are also welcomed by your furry friends.

Giving back

We are excited about this one! We are looking into ways we can donate a percentage of our profits to different social causes that we are passionate about. And to do this, we need your help! We would love to hear from you if you know of a non-profit or another social organization in the Netherlands that takes donations and can connect us to someone in the organization. If you do know of anyone, please send us a form via the contact page. We are looking forward to hearing from you.